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“Andy managed to pull the whole office together as a team. He helped us use a variety of creative approaches to address some big issues we were facing. The team had fun, presented some great ideas for solving real problems and did it together. Great job!”
Mr Gerry Liston
Regional Director Central and South Asia, British Council

Developing an Innovative Team

Opportunities and Obstacles Quotient (QO2)

To support creativity in the workplace, team members need to understand all the facets of innovation and their own personal approaches to it. Knowing who in your team will help you with blue sky thinking and who will bring the idea down to earth and focus on the practicalities can be extremely useful.

I use the 'Opportunities and Obstacles Quotient (QO2)' personal profiling tool to guide people to an understanding of their approach to risk. We then work with the team on ways to modify the five elements that make up their profile so they can develop a more comprehensive approach to innovation.

Everyone in the workshop will take a 50-question profiling assessment a week or two before the course date. The profiles will be processed by TMS and each workshop participant will receive their personal QO2 report during the training session. I spend some time helping the group to understand their profile before moving on to the specific team development goals.

The programme is normally two days. This allows us to build an awareness of the factors involved in innovation and then have the team work on real workplace issues using their new techniques.

Basic Programme Outline

  • Understanding innovative teams
  • Your drive to reach goals
  • Multi-pathways thinking
  • Positive thinking
  • Finding faults
  • The effects of time-focus
  • Communicating with the unstoppable force and the immoveable object
  • Balancing your team
  • Balancing the innovation process
  • Tackling a real innovation opportunity

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