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Sometimes, what you want is a bite-sized chunk of learning for your organisation. Maybe you are running Lunch and Learn sessions, maybe you need a change of pace or a particular piece of learning for an offsite. Whatever the need, we have some fantastic short sessions guaranteed to inform, inspire and energise your learners. Get the right angle on things with the Right Angle Short Sessions.

Here are samples of the short workshops we offer. If you don't see the topic you need, contact us and we will be happy to customise something for you.

The Right Angle on Understanding Your Colleagues

  • The communication axis – measuring success
  • What's my communication style?
  • Why are my ideas different to yours?
  • Spotting work styles and communicating effectively
  • Valuing differences and working together

The Right Angle on Trust

  • What makes a perfect business partner?
  • The value of trust
  • The trust equation
  • Three ways to develop trust
  • Role plays

The Right Angle on Personal Impact

  • You cannot not communicate
  • Represent yourself the way you want
  • Developing a confident mindset
  • Instant impact
  • Your elevator pitch
  • Answering questions with confidence

The Right Angle on Influence

  • What is influence and why do we want it?
  • Expanding your sphere of influence
  • The influencing skill of listening
  • Empathy
  • Questioning skills
  • The feel good factor
  • The emotional bank account

The Right Angle on Motivation

  • What makes a great team member?
  • Walking the walk
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Purposeful delegation
  • What about the carrot and stick?
  • Making a motivation plan

The Right Angle on Negotiation

  • Negotiation tactics
  • Real win:win strategies
  • Creating a level playing field
  • Open and assertive communication
  • Role plays

The Right Angle on Assertive Communication

  • Assertive/Passive/Aggressive
  • Developing a positive attitude
  • Helping others understand your perspective
  • Three assertiveness techniques
  • Getting your point across
  • Role play

The Right Angle on Creative Problem Solving

  • What is a problem?
  • Structured creativity
  • Getting to the root of the problem
  • Why? Why? Why?
  • Coming up with something different
  • Reverse brainstorming
  • Analogies

The Right Angle on Personal Productivity

  • What is productivity?
  • How do you spend your time? – personal audit
  • Making time for high value activity
  • What tools work for you?
  • Managing multiple stakeholders
  • Saying 'no' – managing the conversation

The Right Angle on Networking

  • What networking isn't
  • The value of good networking
  • Getting in and getting over the fear
  • Your snappy intro – unique personal statement
  • Staying in the conversation – asking questions
  • Being interested and interesting
  • Getting out politely

The Right Angle on Grammar Part 1

  • The importance of good grammar
  • Why is English sometimes so tricky?
  • Singapore classics – some quick fixes for common problems
  • Preposition bingo
  • Noun and verb confusion
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Grammar auction game

The Right Angle on Grammar Part 2

  • Part 1 pick-ups – what did we learn from part 1
  • Pronunciation poker
  • Bring, take, fetch, send and follow
  • Prepositions part 2
  • Tenses in action
  • When to use will or would
  • The silent sentence – team grammar game

The Right Angle on Writing for Business

  • The value of good writing
  • Do's and don'ts of business writing
  • Case study – what's wrong
  • The 5Cs of business writing
  • Modern language
  • Redundant language

The Right Angle on Email

  • Formality
  • Personality
  • Positivity
  • Subject lines
  • Structure
  • Opening and closing
  • Case study

The Right Angle on Writing to Customers

  • Complaint case study
  • My customers – what defines them?
  • Subject lines
  • Structure
  • Understanding what's wrong
  • Be personal, positive and professional

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