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“Your slides on how pictures should be displayed on the slides were fantastic. They do have an effect and I have not really thought in that way before.”
Keith Lim

Super Slides! Powerful Presentation Visuals

The way your slides look and the way they present your message is often forgotten in the flurry of activity around getting content into slides and preparing what to say. But visuals are important. Your slides must match the tone and impact of what you say. If they don't, you run the risk of diluting, confusing, or distracting from your message.

In this one-day workshop, I share simple but powerful techniques for preparing slides that are visually aligned to your presentation goal. Using the exclusive 'Represent' communication system you will learn what to include on your slides, where to put it and even whether to use a slide at all.

Participants will need to bring a laptop, and some of their own slides to work on.

Programme Outline

Setting the scene

  • Case study – great visuals and great presenters
  • What makes a great slide?
  • Presentation tools – what are my options?
  • The Right Angle 'Represent' Communication System

Visuals 101

  • Colours, fonts and text
  • Templates, logos and corporate musts
  • When animation hurts, and when it helps
  • Hello, Goodbye – your crucial opening and closing slides

What about graphics?

  • A picture is worth a thousand words
  • Great or gruesome graphics
  • Your slide is a canvas – thinking like a designer

Data-driven presentations

  • Charts and graphs – how to make them interesting
  • Data tables – how to give them impact
  • Complex information – how to make things clear

Putting it all together

  • Slide solutions – team analysis of slides
  • Personal slide development

This course is available as a public programme or as an in-company event. For an in-company workshop, please contact us directly. If you are interested in sending people for a public run please check for the next available date here.

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