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“I have been a trainer for 11 years and I have attended various presentation skills workshops. I am very confident in saying that this workshop is the best among all. It combines theoretical knowledge, a practical approach and skills practice all together. It will surely make each and every participant come out a better presenter. Thank you Andy for the magnificent experience of learning and fun!”
Edgardo C. Vincente
Workforce and Organization Development Specialist,
Micron Semiconductor Asia

Power-Packed Presentations

This special two-day programme is for people who want their presentations to pack a punch. In this course I work with you on your delivery style, your content and your visual presentation. This programme will give you the complete package that wil take you to another level.

Programme Outline

Part 1 - Developing compelling content

  • The Right Angle 'Represent!'™ communication model
  • Understanding your audience
  • Getting your brain in gear before you open your mouth – understanding your objective
  • Sourcing content: uncovering hidden knowledge – using a thinking technique to draw out presentation content
  • Represent! - content matching
  • Building a strong and memorable structure
  • Choosing your opening, transitions and closing

Part 2 - Designing dynamic visuals

  • What makes a bad slide? What makes a good one? – Slide design 101
  • Successful approaches to design and layout
  • Great or gruesome graphics
  • Choosing your style and using your template
  • When animation hurts, and when it helps
  • Dealing with data – the challenge of charts and graphs and how to make them work for you and for your audience

Part 3 - Delivery you can depend on

  • Calming your nerves, managing your body and brain
  • Establishing your credibility and developing confidence
  • Using the power of your body and voice
  • Gesture, stance and facial expression
  • Pace, pitch, volume and pausing
  • Adding drama to your delivery
  • Handling Q&A with confidence – 3 great strategies for thinking on the spot

Part 4 - Presentation practice, recording and feedback

This course is available as a public programme or as an in-company event. For an in-company workshop, please contact us directly. If you are interested in sending people for a public run please check for the next available date here.

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