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Training Philosophy


Training Philosophy

People learn better when they find the course relevant to their needs, are open and engaged, and actually do the thing they are supposed to be learning.

What does this mean for the training?

No cookie-cutter courses.
Keeping course content relevant comes from working with organisations to conduct pre-training focus groups and needs analyses. I also connect with the trainees on the day to make sure we get the programme just right.

No boring lectures.
I deliver enjoyable, interactive and thought-provoking training by providing activities that participants work on together and discuss. These can be productive tasks, or fun games, but they are always relevant. Ask me about the important three 'L's of training.

Lots of time to have a go.
The training environment I create is a space where people have the freedom to try things out in safety, and to practise and improve what they do. I offer these practice opportunities to give people the confidence to head back into the workplace with tried and tested tools.

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