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The Juggling Experience

The Juggling Experience

Do you need a way to energise your team? To give them the rush of positivity from achieving something impossible? To help them reflect on achievement and creativity at work? The Juggling Experience will give your team a learning experience they will never forget!

Why Juggling?

Most people think that juggling is something only done by circus performers and people with a very special talent, but what if I told you that you could do it too! Surprised?

I used to think like that and was astonished to find out that I could juggle. Me! Awkward, clumsy me! In fact, learning to juggle gave me a totally new outlook on life which I have carried forward into my work. It has made me a more positive risk taker, a believer in persistence and someone especially relaxed about things not quite working the first time because I know there is a way to make things happen.

Juggling is also a great tool for relaxation, for an energising break, for social interaction and of course for fun!

The Workshop

Andy Gurnett has designed a short workshop of 2-3 hours that is excellent for teams wanting something refreshing and new for their offsite. The workshops are great for new teams, management teams, teams that want to communicate better, teams that want to be energised, teams that want to be more creative.

The session will be a mixture of presentation, discussion, reflection and hands-on (and off) learning to juggle. All participants will receive their own set of juggling balls to keep and instructions on how to do it as part of the workbook materials.

Participants should wear comfortable loose-fitting/stretchy clothing as learning to juggle requires ease of movement.


  • But I can't juggle – understanding your mental barriers to success
    Juggling as a metaphor for work and life

  • Learning to juggle part 1 – start with a simple achieveable goal
    Reflections – solid foundations make growth easier

  • Learning to juggle part 2 – build on success
    Reflections – set clear goals and persevere

  • Learning to juggle part 3 – the leap of faith
    Reflections – mistakes are part of learning

Your Juggling Experience Guide

Andy Gurnett, Director of The Right Angle has spent over 19 years in learning and development and 27 years as a juggler. In the 1990s he worked in retail and wholesale for 3.3.10 a company that sold juggling equipment. He was co-organiser of the British Juggling Convention in 1993 and has taught hundreds of people how to juggle.

He really believes that learning to juggle gave him a new outlook on life and work, and knows that it created opportunities and gained him lifelong friends. He is very excited to see you in this workshop!

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